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The company “Agbes Construksion” registered in Tirana by the Court Decision No. 28984 on 31 January 2003, with the legal manager Mr. Arben Goga, has as a main activity the execution of the works in various fields such as: Building Construction Various works in infrastructure such as: roads, sanitary, water-supply and lighting. Socio-cultural objects. Production of the row materials, production and sale of concrete, asphalt concrete etc. Empowerment of society has increased (with 30 % per year since its establishment and has tripled by the end of the year 2009) from investments made in machinery, transport and increment of production capacity as: enhancement of production line, concrete plant and asphalt plant. “Agbes Construksion” ltd company has considerable technical leaders,specialists and manpower of nearly 140 persons. The Company owns:

1.The production site in Fier

Asphalt Plant

The plant for the production of asphalt with capacity 160 tons/hr fully equipped with compacters, asphalt spreader, front loader, and tank trucks for bitumen transport.

Stone Fractionize Line

The line for washing and fractionizing of the rocks with capacity 80 m3/hr which is transported from Stone-Quarry located in Ura Vajgurore, Berat. The line of the sand for plastering with capacity 40 m3/hr.

Concrete Plant

Concrete Dosing Plant 60m3/hr provided with a concrete mixing equipment and pumps for the darting the concrete at height up to 30 m.

2.The production Plant in Ura Vajgurore

a.The surface of the stone source 12.5 ha
b.The workable reserves 6.000.000 m3 of stone.
c.The main line for the rock granulation on dimensions 1*0.80 with capacity 200 m3/hr.
d.The line for the fractioning of the passive materials with capacity 500 m3/hr.

3.The company is equipped with:

a.Transport equipment up to 40 tons.
b.Loading equipment.
c.Digging equipment.
d.Heavy duty equipment for power production, welding etc. e.Asphalt laying equipments, grader, compacter, bitumen spreader, cleaner.

List of owned equipment

Our company during its activity as a construction company from 2003, the year of the activity commencement, until October 2005 has executed these construction contracts:

The team
Agbes Construction is composed of these person
Site Manager
26 years of experience
Civil Engineer
6 years of experience
Civil Engineer
9 years of experience
Miklovan Jahaj
5 years of experience


Kostandin PRENDI
Surfacing Foreman
29 years of experience
Spiro NAQO
Mechanic Engineer
36 years of experience
Manjola PUKA
Electrical Engineer
13 years of experience
Finance director
 20 years of experience
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